Juggling Cats

Cat Games

Mouse and Cat
Action Cat's Feed the Cats Game how are your math skills?
Ask the Mystic Cat type your question, then pet the cat
Break Away
a skillful mouse uncovers the cat
Cat and Mouse tease the cat with your mouse
Cat Breed Word Search a classic word hunt game
CatCryptIt unscramble the letters
Cat Cryptogram
not as easy as it might seem
Cat Death Auto
what do you think?
Cat Games 9 games from Japan (but easy to figure out)
Cat, Mouse, Cheese
can you outguess the computer?
Cat Mind Games more at-home games for cats
CatStuff Cat Room
click and drag to make your cat room
CatStuff Victorian Cat Dress-Up c
lick and drag to dress the cat
Cat Tic Tac Toe
Cat Wordhunt
another classic word hunt game
Chocolate Cats Games
three word search games (requires printing)
Color Your Own Lucky Cat
even we could figure this one out
tougher than it looks
Cyber Tiger
interactive game for kids
Defend The CAT PLANET!
shoot those doggie invaders
FAT CATŪ Internet Doodler
FAT CATŪ Pumpkin Carver
FAT CATŪ Christmas
Find the Himalayan
For Your Cat Only
your cat needs to be in your lap for this game
Fleabag vs. Mutt
cat vs. dog match up
Games to Torment Your Cat
Games Your Cats Can Play at Home
Harpo's Revenge
more doggie shoot'em up
Here Kitty Kitty
play with the little furball as he watches your every move
only a word game
Hide the Scrap Game
a favorite at-home game for cats
I Like Cats an interactive quiz with fun cat facts
Kit Kat Toe
it's what you think it is
Kitty Checkboxes
try again and again and again
Kee Kat Butterfly Game
this might drive you crazy
Paw Island PAWNG!!
kitty tennis
Paw Pickin'
catch the treats in the basket
Persian WordFind
print and play
Shoot the Big Cat
use your camera to solve the Big Cat mystery
The Blanket Game
another  favorite at-home game for cats
The Cat Care Challenge
not quite as simple as it seems
What Kind of Cat Would You Be?
personality quiz

Funny Cat Clips

Cat Games

Cat Puzzles

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