Juggling Cats

New Feature!  Maps to Animal Hospitals in your area.

Juggling Cats - cat videos/clips, plus resources for cat rescue and cat diseases.

RELAX!  We LOVE cats. We MIGHT try herding cats, but we'd never go so far as to try actually juggling them -- unless they were declawed, of course.

Juggling Cats is about more than videos, we have a lot of helpful, useful information for the care and protection of your pet.

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Eighteen new cat videos, clips and cartoons with a fresh look and improved navigation.

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video channels:

Great Car/Auto Commercials

Golden Age of Viral (Videos)

Stupid People Videos

Cute Animal Clips


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Stupid People Videos

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Litter box Webcam
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Fatrat's Arcade

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Veterinary Resources

Veterinary License Look Up

Veterinary Medical Schools
Foreign Veterinary Medical Schools

Veterinary Teaching Hospitals

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State Veterinary Associations

Veterinary Careers

Veterinary Profession

Vet Technician Profession

Vet Technician Associations

Veterinary Technician Programs
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Programs

Juggling Cats
is about helping our feline friends.  We have build Cat Rescue link pages for major US cities and we are adding more!

Juggling Cats is about fun. We have two pages of interactive cat games, cat news and entertainment for those times when your kitty has no interest in you or is otherwise occupied.  We also have an online store so you can show your four legged critter some material affection.

We have also collected information on:  State Veterinary Boards, Veterinary License Look Up, Veterinary Medical Schools, State Veterinary Associations, Veterinarian Profession and Veterinarian Technician Profession.

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